Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...In and Out the Window.

I haven't blogged in forever... I'm too busy living life, I suppose. It's sad when life becomes too busy to do the thing you love the most.

My Grandaddy Vought (mom's dad) passed away on Christmas Eve. I can't even begin to say what an amazing person he was, but this may give you a small idea. I came home from work today to find Go In and Out the Window: An Illustrated Songbook for Young People on my desk. It was opened to a blank page, on which had been written:

May 28, 1989

Given to Erika on her fourth birthday with the hope that it might provide her some of the same joy and amusement that these songs provided him from the time he was a small boy, right down to the present day.

With deepest love and affection,
Grandaddy Vought

We love you and miss you so much already...