Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Class tonight was absolutely amazing. We had our pastor (who happens to be my dad) and an elder come and minister to us regarding the wounds our earthly fathers have inflicted, and how God wants to heal those places where they failed. I don't have time to get into the details of it on this blog tonight, so if you'd like to know about it, you should probably call me sometime soon. But I wanted to share this profound thought/quote:

"When we do not feel at home, secure and at rest in the Father's love, it becomes very easy to live our lives as if we do not have a home."


I don't know if that hits anyone else the way that hit me (right in the heart) but I can see so much evidence of how I have lived that way. I've written about the concept of "home" before - but this concept always seems to come back up - each time, a little differently.

Jesus loves me. And He points me to Abba, Father - the only 100% perfect Daddy I will ever know.

"For you have not received a spirit of slavery ;eading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, 'Abba, Father!'" - Romans 8:15

I am so blessed and so loved.

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