Thursday, May 7, 2009

lemme upgrade ya.

the blog was in need of a facelift. pictures + words = a whole lot more interesting. i still don't love my title. suggestions, please?

there is so much i should have been/be writing about over the past few months. but blah, blah, blah - i have no good excuse.

the seester was here last week, and we talked about goal-setting (and breaking). if you start small, you're more likely to succeed.

so i'm trying to set some small, realistic goals for myself by way of creating a (flexible) weekly routine. but i've yet to sit down and write it out, because i:
  1. suck at self-discipline
  2. don't deal well with failure
any advice on how to go about this successfully?


Ginny said...

i like the picture (it's a little big), but the words are hard to read. and i like the title :o)

Jim Rubenstein said...

What kind of advice are you looking for? Blogging advice? How to stay motivated to write on your blog regularly?

Anonymous said...

Start small with something like trying to wake up at 5am every morning and stretching! For 30 days! All you need is 21 straight days of doing something before it becomes a habit!

Mr. Jeremy Lenzi said...

hey -- just came back to your site kind of randomly today -- looks great -- and it's a tremendous pic... hope things are well with you...

Anonymous said...

i feel like you and i are in similar boats about the self discipline. Self discipline seems kinda like an oxymoron as a Christian. We can't even discipline ourselves without the help of God.. dumb sheep in constant need of a Shepherd, right? So if it makes you feel ANY better - - everyone stinks at self discipline, because we were never designed for it. Let the Lord help ya out. =*) ..I'm still in the process of handing Him my load.. and allowing myself to embrace His discipline for my life (the tough part).