Wednesday, July 7, 2010

transitions galore.

A lot has changed since I last blogged. I got engaged April 10th (I suppose I’ll save that story for when I finally launch a wedding website), turned in my resignation letter to All Souls stating that my last day of work was June 25th, and last Wednesday, I packed all my earthly possessions in the back of a 10 foot Budget rental truck and drove over 600 miles “home” to Pennsylvania.

I’ve been in a transitional state (yes, again!) since January of this year. I knew big decisions were to be made within the next six months. Getting engaged long distance, quitting your job, moving over 600 miles to a new city, planning a wedding, and hunting for employment is a LOT to balance, but that’s what I’ve been attempting for the past three months. Honestly sometimes it’s hard for me to picture what this process would look like for “normal” people who have actually dated in the same town and are planning to combine lives. They say that wedding planning is stressful but WOW, this must be a whole new level.

So we have no date yet, because just this past Saturday we were finally able to go visit venues together. It was so good to finally go and experience such an important part of this process together in person instead of just being stuck doing research, research and more research online. We hope to be able to come to a decision in the next couple weeks and finally set a date! I promise you, dear friends, when we finally know something in stone, it won’t be long before you’ve been informed.

Last week I moved all my non-essentials to my parents’ house, and packed Nick’s car full of the rest and moved me up to Jersey City Heights, which is about a 20 minute walk from Nick’s place in Hoboken. I’m subleasing here for the next month or two, but will have to come up with a new plan come the beginning of September. I am realizing that while I do have savings, they won’t last very long with NYC cost of living. I will need a job before long, and ideally I would like to find something that is in the editorial world. I’ve considered the idea of being a live-in nanny or working retail, etc. just to make ends’ meat but something keeps pushing me to just go ahead and apply for jobs that actually relate to my career path for a month or so before “giving in.” We’ll see how that goes.

I spent the 4th of July on the Hoboken pier with Nick and his friends from Hoboken Grace. It was a poignant moment, sitting there under the fireworks, considering that everything started between Nick and I on the fourth of July two years ago. Back then we (especially I) fumbled things pretty badly. I knew I liked him but wasn’t sure what I wanted, and here we are, months from spending the rest of our lives together. God sure has a sense of humor.

Feel free to call or write (leave a comment if you don’t know have my current contact info). I’m unemployed again, so I’ve got all the time in the world ;)


Under a Ruck said...

I am glad your blogging again. I find it highly amusing that your post in April was about giving up on love and this post has a theme of marriage and a future with your love. Fantastic! Your a damn gifted writer

Ginny (MAD21) said...

Yay! for moving on. Enjoy the insanity of this time. Things will settle down soon enough.

Love you!

Erika said...

Under a Ruck, I'm glad to be blogging again too. I need to just make myself on a consistent basis! It's so cathartic.

It could seem like I've had a lobotomy since April, but I assure you, I have my wits about me. I would argue that "Giving Up on Price Charming" was not a declaration of giving up on love, just the idea that love means a perfect "happily ever after." That post was started in February, when I was still struggling hard through the idea of expectations in a romantic relationship versus reality. I won't say that I'm no longer struggling with that, but this spring, peace just started settling in to those "but what ifs" and "unknowns". Obviously enough so for me to say "yes!" and wear a ring on my finger (which some days, still shocks me).

Thanks for the "damn gifted writer" compliment. Sometimes its good to know that other people actually find truth in what I have to share.

Beth said...

I, too, am glad you're blogging again =)
Give it time. Things may not slow down given all the exciting new things to come, but it'll be much easier now that you've moved closer.

Miss & Love you, E!